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About Us

Can you believe there is NO other company making lids with built-in illumination to light the site of application?  Neither could the founders of Flip-Lights, LLC.  The desire to purchase such a product is what led to the birth of their company.  They know that you aren't always in the best lighting when you need to dispense a product, and the mess that comes from that is a problem now solved.  

Flip-Lights, LLC has created the world's first, patent pending, illuminated lid system.  Through lots of hard work and prototypes, their first product, the Flip-Lube Light was created.  That flagship product is now available for purchase, exclusively through our website.  

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This is first of MANY uses Flip-Lights is being developed for.  Exciting new products are currently in the works.

Stay tuned for other creations from Flip-Lights, LLC!

Light when you need it, light where you need it.