Upgrade your personal lubrication bottle to put light where you need it, when you need it! Put a little spark in the dark today!

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When you're getting intimate, the need for lubricant will inevitably come up.  The lights are off, and, not wanting to ruin the mood, you attempt to dispense your favorite lube in the dark.  Let's be real- it's not just getting where you want it, right?  It's now on your sheets, on your pillow, in your partner's hair, or all over you.  Or just everywhere but where you meant for it to go.  So now you need more.  Or maybe you squeezed out way too much? We've all been there, and we decided to do something about it.

Introducing Flip-Lights' flagship product - the Flip-Lube Light.  Our USA and international patent-pending bottle solves this common bedroom dilemma.  

Our product is simple to use!  Simply unscrew our lighted cap, pour your favorite lube in, and replace the cap.  Our patent pending bottle is compatible with BOTH water based and silicone based lubes - so whatever your preference, we've got you covered!  

When you press on the cap to open it, a hidden LED automatically turns on.  It gives off just the right amount of ambient light, directed at the point of application, so you get the right amount (in the right places!!) every time. Leave the lid open for a great mood light as your play time continues, or simply press close to turn it off.  Our product has been engineered-tested to last 144 hours before dimming, which gives you over 8,500 minutes of play time!

At this time, we are selling one size - 5 oz, which is the average size of most lubricants on the market today.  In the future, we hope to add different colored caps and lights, to offer you a truly customized play-time experience.